Charlotte McKinney is enjoying life

Charlotte McKinney was born on August 6, 1993 in Orlando Florida. She grew up with her older sister Garland, and later on the two moved in California. Charlotte McKinney did not have an easy childhood. Aside from being dyslexic, she was also often bullied by her classmates during their teenage years.

She describe herself as a bombshell with a lot of body curves. At the tender age of seventeen, Charlotte McKinney decided to quit school and to follow her dreams of becoming a model. Finding a modeling agency that would give her a break has been a struggle.

With the help of social media platform known as Instragram, Charlotte McKinney made rounds in the social media world and became insta-famous. Charlotte McKinney was named as Maxim’s Intagram Girl of the week in November 2014. After being profiled to Esquire, a famous magazine, she was on her way to stardom as an American model and actress.

She is also a model for Guess, a well known clothing company. She also appeared in Carl’s Jr’s Burger Commercial in January 2015 and was aired during the Super Bowl XLIX. Charlotte McKinney was promoting the natural burger while in her sexy bikini.

The commercial was so successful and was known as the next Kate Upton, who also starred in a Carl’s Burger advertisement. Charlotte McKinney also evolved as an actress, appearing in movies like Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful loser in 2015 and The Late Bloomer in 2016. Charlotte is also a part of 2017 film which is a remake of a movie entitled Flatliners.

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